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Graphic Multimedia Pte. Ltd started in 1995, as a company with a vision to assist educational institutions in enhancing their teaching, by integrating new technology tools into their teaching curriculums.

 These new technology tools are the latest educational, interactive CD-ROMs which are highly suitable for schools' educational curriculums. Our highly qualified staff source for the CD-ROMs from international markets.

In 1997, Graphic Multimedia Pte. Ltd recognized the urgent need for an interactive CD-ROM for Design and Technology (D&T) Studies. A good CD-ROM for D&T was lacking in the market. Hence, we decided to develop a D&T CD-ROM for this subject.

 The first D&T CD-ROM, titled PRIME, was produced by Graphic Multimedia Pte. Ltd in 1999. This CD-ROM was made with the collaboration with Mr. Peter Stensel, a well-known lecturer and an expert in Design and Technology teaching. It gained accolade from educational institutions.

In 2000, Graphic Edumedia Pte Ltd, a sister company of Graphic Multimedia Pte. Ltd, was set up to provide specialized services to teachers of D&T. Graphic Edumedia Pte Ltd specializes in sourcing for hardware teaching aids while Graphic Multimedia Pte. Ltd specializes in sourcing for softwares to compliment with the teaching aids.

Our team consists of professionals from respective fields, whom ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Our main aim and vision is to lead the Teaching Aids Trend in the Educational field so as to enable schools to teach with the latest technology available.
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