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Bright Spark

Bright Spark is a fun circuit simulation package for exploring the world of electronics.

Combining on-screen animation with realistic simulation, Bright Spark aids understanding by bringing circuits to life.

It assumes no prior knowledge and comes with built-in courseware to help you learn the key principles behind electronics. You can then go on and design your own circuits using the wide choice of components included in the software.

[Drawing a Transistor Sensing Circuit]
Single-User = $150.00

10 User package = $950.00


Livewire is a sophisticated software package for designing and simulating electronic circuits.

Switches, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits and hundreds of other components can all be connected together to investigate the behaviour of a circuit.

There are no limits to what can be designed and no loose connections or faulty components to worry about. However, if the maximum ratings for any components are exceeded, they will explode on screen!

[Simulating a 555 Timer Circuit]
Single-User = $150.00

10 User package = $950.00
PCB Wizard 3

PCB Wizard 3 is a powerful package for designing single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards (PCBs).

It provides a comprehensive range of tools covering all the traditional steps in PCB production, including schematic drawing, schematic capture, component placement, automatic routing, Bill of Materials reporting and file generation for manufacturing.

In addition, PCB Wizard 3 offers a wealth of clever new features that do away with the steep learning curve normally associated with PCB packages.

[Making a PCB using an etch tank]
Single-User = $150.00

10 User package = $950.00
Circuit Wizard

Circuit Wizard, our flagship product, is a revolutionary new system that combines circuit design, PCB design, simulation and CAD/CAM manufacture in one complete package.

By integrating the entire design process, Circuit Wizard provides you with all the tools necessary to produce an electronics project from start to finish – even including on-screen testing of the PCB prior to construction!

It has more functions and picture.

[Drawing circuit diagrams]
Single-User = $300.00

10 User package = $2500.00
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