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Electronic keyboard Model: LP6280C

Sleek Design

You can carry your keyboard with ease with these new build in handles.

Develop Your Skills With Key Practice Features

The recording function on the Gear4music LP6280 allows the player to record themselves and playback their music. This is especially rewarding for those just starting out and allows children to hear the progress they make and play back pieces to parents. By listening to yourself , you can know to what extent you need to improve yours skills.
Electronic keyboard Oxygen 25

Top Features

1) Simple out-of-the-box set-up > single USB cable provides data and power.

2) 8 knobs, transport buttons and more > DirectLink mode provides instant DAW mapping.

3) Ignite music creation software > Quickly capture, combine, and arrange musical ideas.

4) 25 velocity-sensitive keys plus pitch and mod wheels > expressive, compact design.

5) Light weight, sleek design and easy to carry around.

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