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Sibelius First

Avid Sibelius® First is the fastest, smartest, easiest way for everyone to start to write and share music—from aspiring composers and songwriters, to teachers and students.

Even if you’re more comfortable playing instruments than using notation software, the intuitive interface will guide your songwriting process.

Magnetic Layout and other time-saving tools make it easy to get professional results fast—and the premium sound library plays back your compositions in stunning detail. When you’re done, choose how you want to introduce your music to the world—make a video of your score, export for iPad, or share directly to YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook.
Sibelius 8 

Sibelius is the world's best-selling music notation software, trusted by top composers, publishers, students alike.

With Sibelius 8, you can express, accelerate, and promote your creativity in more ways than ever before, enabling you to deliver beautiful, professional scores faster and share audio and video versions of your work - with stunningly realistic musical phrasing - to make your talent stand out from the crowd.

It's fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music for live performance, film and television, media entertainment, or in the classroom.

Pro Tools| First

Get started with composing, recording, editing, and mixing music with a free version of Pro Tools, the industry’s most trusted and used DAW for music creation.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix music and audio.

Create without bounds and work at the speed of your creativity, so you can take on the most demanding sessions and deliver the best sounding mixes possible.

And now Pro Tools 12 sets the stage for Avid Cloud Collaboration, the upcoming Avid Marketplace, and flexible licensing options, so you can access the industry standard in more affordable ways than ever. Create with a low-cost subscription. Own the software or a complete system outright. Or get started with Pro Tools| First, a free version of Pro Tools.

Sibelius Notes

A complete pack of ready- to- use lesson plans, worksheets, music files and other resources, to help you teach music in the classroom with Sibelius 2 or 3- everything from basic notation to Bach chorales. 


  • CD-ROM of music files

Sibelius Auralia 4

A complete software for ear training and aural tests. It guides students through hundreds of graded exercises, gives instant feedback, and marks all tests automatically.

Saves hours of teaching time and ideal for exam preparation.


  • 100s of exercises in 41 topics

Sibelius Musition 4

A complete software for learning and testing music theory. It creats a stimulating environment with fun, interactive exercises, and marks the results for you.

It monitors the student progress as well.


  • 100s of exercises in 34 topics

Sibelius Student

Sibelius Student is an entry-level notation software. Designed for students in grades 4 through college, Sibelius Student is easy to use and fun to learn. It is meant for student use at home for their homework. Best of all, Sibelius Student is priced to suit the student budget.


  • 100s of exercises in 25 topics

Sibelius Starclass

Starclass includes complete lesson plans and resources to help you teach music at elementary levels.

It includes full explanations of musical concepts for non-specialist teachers, hundreds of music clips and printable pictures, and an audio CD to play in class.

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Sibelius Kontakt Player Gold

Sibelius Kontakt Gold uses 63 high-quality instruments and 111 percussion sounds, of which you can play up to 32 at once. It is available as an add-on to Sibelius. You can even adjust each sound yourself, including its attack, brightness and reverb.

Sibelius Kontakt Gold will bring your scores to life. Play back with high-quality sounds and create CDs with Sibelius. Each sound has been carefully recorded from live instruments, then meticulously edited to ensure that it will play perfectly in a variety of musical situations.

Sibelius Kontakt Gold's sounds cover woodwind, brass, keyboards, percussion, strings, voice and guitars – just about everything you'll need for orchestral, band, jazz, vocal, chamber, rock & pop music.

Groovy Music

Sibelius Groovy Music is a series of three exciting software programs for primary school students. Fun to use, Groovy Music teaches the basics of sound, rhythm, pitch and composition using pictures and animation - progressing to the study of simple notation as well as major and minor scales. Students love Groovy Music. It guides them with a simple voiceover and lets them create their own music as well as carry out directed activities, so there's plenty of room for creativity. In fact, Groovy Music is so compelling that once students start making music; they just won't want to stop! And best of all, it's incredibly easy for both teachers and students.

Each of the three Groovy Music programs is designed to be used by a different age group, with more complex musical ideas being explored as children progress through the series. Each program has its own "theme", with exciting and engaging graphics to appeal to the age group for which it's designed.

Groovy Music programs now can be access online instead of the old version where it run on a single computer, a network or an interactive whiteboard for whole class teaching.

Sibelius Groovy Music Features

  • Easily integrate technology into your teaching
  • Control children's screens and workflow in a networked environment
  • Can be used on a single computer, whiteboard or network
  • Makes time with students fun and efficient
  • Uses the latest educational standards and teaching methodologies
  • Students learn at their own pace and own level
  • Uses an imaginative virtual environment where students arrange shapes, characters and images to create music!



O-Generator is a funky, simple, yet sophisticated music app that allows students to Lear, Create, Play Along With and Record Music. The software is aimed at 10 to 15-year-old students. O-Generator uses Popular music and World Music to engage and teach key music concepts.

Sibelius G7

The ultimate software for creating and playing guitar tab. G7 reads and saves ASCII tab and MIDI file formats so musicians can share music by email or on the internet.

Designed by guitarists for guitarists, G7 provides the fastest way for you to create signature riffs. You can also easily add lyrics, chord diagrams, chord symbols, standard notation, keyboards and drums, to create anything from lead sheets to complete rock scores!

G7 even reads and plays tab from other people, making it easy to learn new songs.

Sibelius G7 Software Features

  • Write tab, chords, lyrics, and notation
  • Learn songs and riffs with the on-screen fretboard
  • Publish your music on the internet
  • Capture ideas instantly: play straight in from a MIDI keyboard or guitar, write in the chords, or scan in printed sheet music
  • To learn riffs, just listen and view the interactive fretboard for fingerings — note by note, or at any speed
  • Create lead sheets or complete rock scores
PhotoScore Ultimate 8 

PhotoScore Ultimate 8 is the fastest way to scan music for transpositions, arrangements & editions. It reads printed and handwritten music in seconds – not just the notes, but also printed slurs, dynamics, lyrics, guitar tab, chord diagrams and even handwritten manuscript! You can then edit or transpose the music, play it back, extract the parts and print just as if you'd typed it yourself.

PhotoScore Ultimate 8 is importantly the world's first commercial software designed to read handwritten music. It is currently optimized to allow composers to create scores by hand away from computers, say by a favorite instrument or lying in a field!

New in Photoscore Ultimate 8

  • Handwritten score recognition
  • Dual-engine printed music recognition
  • Edit while PhotoScore reads in background
  • Advanced scanned image management
  • now recognises repeat endings, Coda and Segno, cross-staff notes and beams, ornaments (including trills, mordants, turns) and pedal on/off markings.
  • Universal Binary application
  • Text recognition in up to 120 different languages

AudioScore Ultimate 8

With AudioScore Ultimate 8, you can open a CD track or MP3 file and transcribe it to a score. The software employs the most intelligent technology available today to convert up to 16 instruments or notes at a time into multiple staves, with up to four voices per staff.

After transcribing your music, you can send it directly to Sibelius or save it as a MusicXML, NIFF, or MIDI file for use in most other music programs. You can also print a professional-quality score directly from AudioScore.

New in Audioscore Ultimate 8

  • View, edit, and play back nuanced performances
  • Perform directly into Sibelius with a mic
  • Convert MIDI files to scores
  • Advanced scanned image management
  • Create scores by hand—no expertise needed
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