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Learn, Compose, Play and Record Music

                                                                       O-Generator's revolutionary design makes it fun, simple and intuitive for students to create, play and understand music.

The new O-Generator is now ONLINE!

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Music Appreciation & Learning

Music Sequencing & Production

Music Theory & Aural Skills

Solutions: For Primary and Secondary School

What is O-Generator?

O-Generator is a 4/4 bar of music turned into a circle. It is broken up into 16ths. Each of the concentric circles is a musical instrument; drums, bass guitar, piano, saxophone and so on. The play head sweeps 360 degrees illuminating as it passes through them. Students make a choice on where to place the notes and beats in the individual smaller pads for each instrument. They create the music and develop it over multiple bars if they choose. O-Generator allows students to see and hear the music as they work!

Teaching with O-Generator

O-Generator has 3 types of lessons: Compose, Play and Group Lessons. A Step-by-step audio tutor guides students through a lessons.


Students can work independently or in pars on any devices using the Audio Tutor.

Choose from Modern, Latin and African. there are 3 categories of lessons for each style: Rhythm, Melody & Harmony, and Song writing. There are Green, Blue and Red levels to cater for musical ability.

Students can learn from basic concepts to more complex musical devices. The lessons all come with quizzes, lesson challenges, a Watch Box that provides short videos, notation and visual illustrations to enhance the students' understanding. Students can now record directly in O-Generator as it plays.


Students who play Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone or Recorder can now follow, play along and practice to original Latin, African and Modern songs in O-Generator's new Play Section. It provides a visual and aural illustration of the tune they are playing, as well as notation.

Classes can learn and play Latin rhythms, samba; salsa, the 3/2 and 2/3 Clave Rythm and more.


These lessons are perfect for non-specialist music teachers. The teacher uses the Audio Tutor to engage the whole class as a group

Teaching Resources - Teachers are provided with lesson plans. Curriculum planners support videos on teaching lessons. Assessment tools are provided to monitor students and classes.

O-Generator makes music accessible to all students, of all abilities. It engages students by using music that engages them!

I haven't used O-Generator for a couple of years but got the chance to use it with my 8th graders today. I LOVE the updates to the Compose lessons. The kids were totally engrossed and learned at lot!! I always lied the program and the updates have made it even better!

- Janine Maletsky Music Educator, Lakeside Middle School, NJ

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