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Humidity Sensor

It allows students to understand how the sensor works, and it have different functions of components.

Students can have fun and improve their soldering skills at the same time.

Products Details
  • LED changes color according to the humidity level
  • approximately 60 minutes of production time
  • Uses LM324N-Consist of 4 independent High Gain, Internally frequency compensated operational amplifers designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages.

Love Tester

A Simple DIY Circuit which allows students to have fun and understand the various component of the circuit

Circuit detects the electrical current in our body when we touched the two plates at the bottom, using it to light up the LED lights.

Products Details
  • Measuring the current flowing into the hands
  • IC2 3941N (monolithic integrated circuit that senses analog voltage and drives LED providing linear analog display)
  • IC1 LM342N(Low power quad operational amplifier which is designed to specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages)

Laser Sound Target

A simple circuit that allows the student to learn how the circiut works.

When the laser were to touch the board infrared sensor, a sound will be produced.

Products Details
  • Aligning the infrared sensor of the laser gun target work
  • Recognized by the laser LED and sounding kit
  • Production time 120 minutes spent
FM Kit IC Radio

Students will be able to learn how radio works through this small circuit setup.

Students will be exposed to more complex circuits and learn the functions of different components.

More advanced skills of soldering.

Products Details
  • FM Broadcast
  • KA22429 IC(One chip radio), AN7112 IC(Audio power amplifier)
  • Earphone listening

Electronic Traffic Light

It is a simple circuit that stimulates the functions of a real traffic lght.

Allows students to study the Traffic Light behavior, the functions of the ICs and Circuit components.

Products Details
  • Timer selection : 5 seconds, 8 seconds, 10 seconds
  • HCF40717BE IC-ripple carry binary counter
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